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Turmericforce™ 60sg

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Manufacturer: New Chapter
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Dual Extracted Turmeric
60 hexane-free softgel capsules

  • Researched for maintaining healthy inflammation response
  • Maintains healthy cardiovascular and liver function

New Chapter® has been in love with turmeric for decades. We grow it on our Biodynamic farm in Costa Rica, which is nestled in the volcanic mountains adjoining the Children's Eternal Rainforest. Turmeric has long been revered as the foundation of an herbal program for health. In India's system of Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric has been recognized for thousands of years as a key balancing and detoxifying herb. In Indonesia's traditional medical system known as Jamu, turmeric is considered the "Queen" of all herbs, and is the featured daily herb for tens of millions of Indonesians. In Japan and China, people embrace turmeric for its powerful yet safe liver detoxification, and there are societies in Japan where turmeric juice is consumed daily. In the Western medical and herbal traditions, turmeric is considered by many leading scholars to be the most important healing herb on earth.

We at New Chapter agree that turmeric is the world's most important healing herb, and we are proud thatTurmericforce is the world's first and only supercritical full-spectrum turmeric extract. We take our full-spectrum turmeric, and without chemical solvents or heat stress, concentrate radiant turmeric oils as much as 200:1. This is combined with a full-spectrum hydroethanolic extract that potency assures it for at least 11% of the full curcuminoid fractions. This is not a mere isolate of standardized turmeric, offering just one or more of the curcuminoids. This is turmeric's full healing glory.

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One of the best
Dan Harris (Ohio) 8/2/2010 5:40 AM
In my thought this product is great and I can’t say much more about this because I’m a believer of this product. I have been using this brand stuffs for some years and in my opinion they’re expensive but in my experience affordable. I have experienced some deal of pain in my back and joints. I tried other product as recommend by a friend. It helped little and when I went to buy other product I read some better comments of this product and tried it. I mostly feel much pain when I wake up, after some days the pain was gone and my body feels much better than before. Turmeric properties have no adverse side effects and best to spend time these type of product because they give best result.