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Probiotic Immunity 90vc

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  • Daily consumption of probiotics boosts the immune system, increases nutrient absorption, improves vitamin synthesis, digestion, detoxification and protection from toxins*.
  • Probiotics are life. They are the healthy bacteria every human body needs, and are naturally prevalent in select foods such as yogurt, red wine and sauerkraut. These foods are the models for New Chapter Probiotics.
  • New Chapter Probiotics provide a full spectrum of these beneficial bacteria, grown in a whole-food medium to generate superior phytonutrients that support our health.

Get The Whole Truth: New Chapter Whole-Food Probiotics

Whole-Food Live Probiotics 
Made with Organic Ingredients

The Medium is the Message!

Valuable Strains
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the human intestinal tract. Foods “cultured” with beneficial strains of probiotics such as yogurt and kefir have been used throughout history to improve overall health and vitality, and today, there are many studies reinforcing their ability to balance and promote digestive health.* Probiotics also play an important role in modulating the immune system, 70% of which is located in the gut.*

Beneficial Compounds
Selected strains of beneficial bacteria must first be cultured on a food medium, such as milk or soy. Since each strain of probiotics has an affinity for a different part of the digestive tract, and a unique mechanism of action, a product that delivers multiple strains is preferable to single strain products. As the probiotics replicate, they biotransform the food medium, making nutrients more bioavailable while secreting beneficial
compounds into the medium called “synbiotics.” Research suggests that synbiotics are largely responsible for the benefits of probiotics. In other words, “the medium is the message.”

Most probiotic supplement manufacturers separate the probiotics from their food medium once the desired number of cultures is achieved, and therefore fail to deliver the full range of health benefits associated with eating probiotic foods. New Chapter’s Probiotics with a Purpose™ line, however, uniquely offers multi-species blends of live probiotics with the synbiotic-rich organic growth medium intact.

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Effective one
Brooklyn (California) 8/2/2010 5:06 AM
The issue of intestinal tract is less common in these days and I've trouble in this disease for last five years. Before use this dietary supplement found its some studies and consumer reviews, after read various much satisfied to use this for intestinal tract. I have taken Probiotic now for 1 year for intestinal and it is also a complete immune booster which dramatically balance my immune. This friendly bacteria aid in the process of look after the balance of particular organism types in the intestinal tract. I experience the effectiveness of probiotic and very satisfied after long use of it.